Escultura realizada en torno y arcilla

For this exhibition I will tell my story in Guyana

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Since I came to this enchanting town in November 2010, I began to enrich myself with the culture and everything in my environment, the people and art, pottery and clay. I was concerned about finding potters and the materials for making sculptures.

I had the opportunity to meet Imma Subirana, who had been working with clay in Guyana and encouraged me to undertake this challenging work.

First not all clay used have the same characteristics and therefore I had to get used to handle the type of clay that we get in Guyana. It is clay suitable for turning or throwing, manual techniques, of low temperature and with a lot of iron oxide and plasticity. I got the mud with Imma’s provider, but unfortunately that vendor stopped selling mud. This was not a barrier to further thinking about making my work in ceramics.  After several months of comings and goings, I came across new materials to make the pieces that you find in this exhibition.
As this soil is suitable for manual work, it reminds me of the first toys I made as a child in my family’s brick factory in Costa Rica, where I started to learn about clay modeling. When I was perusing my degree in fine arts at the University of Rodrigo Facio in Costa Rica, I was excited to specialize in ceramics because it seemed a very rich material to create forms of any kind. With the support of my teachers from Costa Rica and other countries, I got to understand, love, and appreciate this art even more.

Before coming to Guyana, I lived in La Paz Baja, South California, México. It located in the north of the country. It is a very dry and desert landscape, it seldom rains during the year and water is scarce. Like Guyana, it is warm and the sun shines every day. There we can find a lot of cactus, a variety of clays, diversity of woods eroded by nature, a very good alabaster. All materials inspire me to create my sculptures and pottery pieces.
But in Georgetown, which is surrounded by jungle, the picture changes. The brightness of the sun, the rivers, the rain, its thick nature, the color of its flowers, its trees, their leaves with thousands of unique shapes and designs, inspire me in my work. This work permits to appreciate the engraving and printing of the leaves on the clay, which emphasizes its veins, retaining their shape and making it everlasting. I present different facets of the leaves, such as single leaves, with movement, flats, round, triangular, long, oval, and with bowl shapes. For this exhibition, leaves are on the floor and hanging from the ceiling, walls, and on a tree.

There are also fort sculptures in low temperature, tree sculptures in wood eroded  by nature, other two pieces sculpture, with name Duality = 2 + 2 the sun and the moon, made  in clay  and wood, and a  sculpture in two pieces “ Confrontation” in stoneware clay.

Mountains and clouds

Sculptures inspired by the landscape around us

Mountains and clouds have also been part of my inspiration for previous exhibitions and I am presenting them because they are part of nature.
I grew up in Costa Rica a country covered by clouds and surrounded by high mountains, all caressed by the rain, with intense green and blue colors within an infinite range of shades. I chose them as theme for my latest sculptures. The shape of the mountains and clouds resemble the contours of the mountains we see when we go anywhere by land, by sea or by air.

For me this subject has been of great affinity. In each sculpture, clouds and mountains have been shaped as I sometime happened to see them. Each sculpture and every detail that is present in nature, its function, its link with mankind, remind us that they are part of the environment that we live surrounded by them and that we must take care of them for the survival of all.

I have other utilitarian pieces like bowls, pots, dishes of different sizes, shapes and glazes in stoneware clay, and baked at 1.300° C.


Taller de fotografía básica “Un cambio en la mirada”

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La semana del 31 al 5 de septiembre participé en el taller de proceso creativo fotografico, “Un cambio en la mirada” impartido por el maestro Hector Maldonado, quién nos enseñó un enfoque diferente en el proceso creativo a la hora de ver para tomar imágenes fotográficas, las que nos permitieron  expresárnos interiormente tomando en cuenta nuestro entorno personal, intimo y social.

Cuarta Bienal Sudcaliforniana de Artes Visuales

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También el pasado 13 de mayo por la noche, tuve la inaguración de la Cuarta Bienal sudcaliforniana de Artes Visuales, en la Galería Carlos Olachea Boucsiéguez, donde paricipé con dos esculturas,  una Lomas de Cacachila, pieza realizada en cerámica, alabastro y con base de madera y otra Kilómetro 38 de la Paz a todos Santos, en madera corroida por la acción del tiempo., con las que recibí dos reconocimientos por parte del Gobierno del Estado.La inaguración estuvo a cargo la Sra. Elsa Esquivel Amador , quién estuvo acompañada por la  de administradora de la Galería  Gabriela Valadez Medellín.En la exhibición están mas de veinte obras visuales enpintura, grafíca y escultura, calificadas por reconocidos especialistas como gandores y parte de la selelcción final del concurso que el Gobierno del Estado, a través del ISC ( Instituto Sudcaliforniano de Cultura), organiza cada dos años en honor a uno de los más prestigiosos autores sudcalifornianos, Carlos Olachea Boucsiéguez. Se otorgaron premios de Adquisición,  mensiones honoríficas en las tres ramas artíticas y reconocimientos.  Todas estas obras son parte de la selección final para integrar el catálogo de la Bienal.

Montañas en el desierto

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El pasado 13 de mayo tuve la exposición individual “Montañas en el desierto” en las instalaciones el CIBNOR (Centro de investigaciones Biológicas del noroeste) aquí en La Paz, La inaguración estuvo a cargo de la La M.C. Ma. Elema Castro Nuñez, Directora administrativa, quíen hizo el corte tradicional del listón y el moño, y me dió un mensaje. El evento estuvo concurrido por alumnos, personal de la institución, y amigos.

Tercera dimensión

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Tercera dimensión

El pasado 20 de marzo, se inaguró la exposición “Tercera Dimensión” en la Galería de arte Carlos Olachea. La exposición consta de más una veintena de obras realizadas por escultores del Estado de Baja California Sur, entre ellos Lila Magallón, Anibal Angulo, Benito Ortega, Salvador Rocha, el japonés Manabu Kuno, el americano Peter Cole y la costarricense Mayela Leiva. Las propuestas escultóricas fueron relizadas en diferentes materiales, entre ellos, madera, metal,  chatarra, cerámica, alabastro. Yo participé con dos esculturas, nubes burbujeantes en las montañas, en arcilla de alta temperatura y base de madera, y otra escultura con el nombre de Montañas: dualidad= X 4 al metal, está hecha en barro regional con madera erosionada y alambre plateado y base de madera erosionada.