Escultura realizada en torno y arcilla


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Mayela Leiva Ulloa

She presents this exhibition as Homage to Guyana and her Nature.

Mayela Leiva Ulloa was born in Cartago, Costa Rica. However she is naturalizad Mexican. She completed her first studies in the arts at Casa del Artista  in San José Costa Rica. She read for a degree in Plastic Arts specializing in ceramics at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universidad Rodrigo Facio, Costa Rica. She was awarded the Lincoln-Juarez scholarship by the government of México. She continued her studies at the University of Guanajuato, where she did the following: ceramics, working of precious metals, history of arts, contemporary arts, Mexican art and Popular Mexican art, at the Instituto Allende in San Miguel Allende, she studied ceramics, fabric printing  and the history of art and literature.

She married Mr José Castro V. in Guanajuato and they have a son how was born in México City. Afterwards, they lived in México City where she continued to study at the Escuela Nacional de Diseño y Artesanías, E.D.A. There she studied ceramics and fabric printing while simultaneously studying for a Master´s degree in sculpture from the Escuela Nacional de Artes PLásticas, Academia de San Carlos, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, U. N. A. M. She has done many arts and ceramics courses under various teachers in Costa Rica, México and U.S.A. In Chicago, she attended the school of Art Institute of Chicago, and Lillstreet art Center and studied porcelain, wheel throwing, sculpture and techniques applied in ceramics such as screen printing. She has taught art and ceramics courses at the University of Costa Rica, the Tecnological Institute of Costa Rica. La Casa del Artista in Cartago among other institutions. In México she was a teacher at the Plastic Experimentation workshop of master Students of the academia de Carlos U.N.A.M. She was the official professor of the Industrial Desing course, CYAD in the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana of México, U.N.A M. She was also invited by the University of Costa Rica to give an intensive ceramics course to the ceramics students. She taught ceramics courses for children at the Universidad of Lisboa. She has conducted seminars on techniques employed in ceramics and glazing at the Escuela Nacional de Artes of Puerto Principe, Haiti where she also taught special courses on desing, ceramics and sculpture to Haitians and students of the other nationalities. She has tasught special courses on ceramic s in Argelia. In Egypt, She gave ceramic courses to children and courses on Pre-hispanic techiniques to the diplomatic ladies and resident of that county. She taught ceramics courses al the Institute of Cultura Superior in México City and the same time she conducted ceramics courses to a group of mexican women. She has written and studied about ceramics materials, clays as well as glazes and various topics related to ceramics. She participated in various individual and group exhibitions in Algeria, Costa Rica, The United States, Egypt, Haiti, México and Portugal.  She has done individual and collective expositions in galleries and museums. She represented México al International expositions such as Bienal International de Ovidos in Portugal. Some of her pieces are in special collections in Argentina, Costa Rica, The United States, Egypt, Honduras, México, Portugal, Yoguslavia y Venezuela. She was living in La Paz Baja California Sur, in México, where she did courses in ceramics, wood carving, scrap iron, jewery. In 2008 she was invited by the University of Costa Rica to be judge in the third Bienal Nacional de Cerámica. Currently she lives in Georgetown, Guyana. She teaches ceramics to guyanese and foreigners.


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